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April 2021 - None
March 2021  -  USAF Academy
February 2021  -  US Space Force
January 2021  -  NDAA 2021 POTUS Concerns
December 2020  -  Ballistic Missile Sub Program
October 2020  -  Military Health Care
September 2020  -  Germany's U.S. Troops
August 2020  -  IRAs
February 2020 - 4 Key NDAA Provisions
January 2020 - DOD Fails FY19 Audit

October 2018 - Disabled Vets Space "A" 
December 2018 - DoD Nuclear Mission
January 2019 - The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 
June 2019 - Feres Doctrine
September 2019 - USS GERALD A FORD Update